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Wonderful Boy

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The fairy tale "Wonderful Boy" was written by a Russian scientist, who knows how to write fairy tales, Nikolai Petrovich Wagner (1829-1907). *** A fairy tale that teaches us not to be afraid of ridicule, but to do as the heart commands. Mellin's princess faces a choice - to put on a clownish dress to take the medicine to her dying nanny, or not to go anywhere, so as not to be a laughingstock for the whole people. In addition to this, Nikolay Wagner also wrote many other works for children: "Without the Light," "Gully," "God's Field," "Great," "Birch", "Two Evenings," "Pancake Kingdom." For many decades, fairy tales and parables of Nikolai Petrovich Wagner are of genuine interest not only among small readers, but also among their parents. This is due to the author's unique opportunity to combine his scientific knowledge with his writing talent.

Wonderful Boy

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  • Autor: Nikolay Vagner
  • Seitenzahl: 22
  • Format: EPUB
  • DRM: social-drm (ohne Kopierschutz)
  • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.02.2018
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