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The Legacy of Kurt Schütte

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<div>This book on proof theory centers around the legacy of Kurt Schütte and its current impact on the&nbsp;subject. Schütte was the last doctoral student of David Hilbert who was the first to see that proofs&nbsp;can be viewed as structured mathematical objects amenable to investigation by mathematical methods (metamathematics). Schütte inaugurated the important paradigm shift from finite proofs to&nbsp;infinite proofs and developed the mathematical tools for their analysis. Infinitary proof theory&nbsp;flourished in his hands in the 1960s, culminating in the famous bound&nbsp;Γ<sub>0</sub>&nbsp;for the limit of predicative&nbsp;mathematics (a fame shared with Feferman). Later his interests shifted to developing infinite proof&nbsp;calculi for impredicative theories. Schütte had a keen interest in advancing ordinal analysis to ever&nbsp;stronger theories and was still working on some of the strongest systems in his eighties. The articles&nbsp;in this volume from leading experts close to his research, show the enduring influence of his work in&nbsp;modern proof theory. They range from eye witness accounts of his scientific life to developments at&nbsp;the current research frontier, including papers by Schütte himself that have never been published&nbsp;before.<br></div>

The Legacy of Kurt Schütte

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