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The Exoteric Square of Opposition

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The theory of the square of opposition has been studied for over 2,000 years and has seen a resurgence in new theories and research since the second half of the twentieth century. This volume collects papers presented at the Sixth World Congress on the Square of Opposition, held in Crete in 2018, developing an interdisciplinary exploration of the theory. Chapter authors explore subjects such as Aristotle’s ontological square, logical oppositions in Avicenna’s hypothetical logic, and the power of the square of opposition to solve theological problems regarding predestination and theodicy. Other topics covered include:<div><ul><li>Hegel’s opposition to diagrams</li><li>De Morgan’s unpublished octagon of opposition&nbsp;</li><li>turnstile figures of opposition</li><li>institutional model-theoretic treatment of oppositions</li><li>Lacan’s four formulas of sexuation</li><li>the theory of oppositional poly-simplexes</li></ul></div><div><i>The Exoteric Square of Opposition&nbsp;</i>will appeal to pure logicians, historians of logic, semioticians, philosophers, theologians, mathematicians, and psychoanalysts.</div>

The Exoteric Square of Opposition

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